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I had the passenger side, outer most line to the top cylinder blow out at the fitting. I messed with it awhile getting the hose back on and off a few times, gluing, clamping the line, etc. while a new line arrived.

I got the line replaced and refilled the tank with the right SAAB convertible top oil. And everything seems OK.

The top rises fine and seats fine. Now when I unlock the top (by the windshield) and push the "top down" switch, the pump whirls for a few seconds, nothing moves and I get a "top Error" message. Pushing the switch again, raises the tonneau and down she goes...

My question is, why do I get the error? Do I have some air in one of the lines? Could it be a bad microswitch? ( I never had the error before this.)
Will it just work itself out if it is air?

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