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Hi everyone,

We recently got our first saab convertible, the top was not working but after adding hydralic fluid it came back to life. It's not super smooth and sometimes gets hung up (I think partially this is caused because the tonneu wing flaps)

We noticed that one of the tonneau wing flaps? was broken! After open and closing the top a few times, unfortunately the other one got caught up and also broke. The things are made of fiberglass :(

I also noticed that the back of the top with the window, gets caught up in the back wing when its opening. Needless to say it seems like the top is having issues with the timing and/or needs some adjustment.

This would be a nice feature to get fixed and I have done and seen quite a few threads on here that mentioned having the top re-sequenced?? Is this something the dealers are even still doing?

Also does anyone know if 94-98 Saab 900's tonneau will fit the 2000 9-3?
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