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I'am posting this even on this forum becuase people have contacted me from other countries saying they think my parts would interest people even here. In Sweden there is over 10 cars that is using my parts with a great result.

I'am selling a conversion kit that includes the unique parts that is needed when converting your Classic to T5.5. It contains an 100% adjustable adapter plate for the Saab original trigger plate and a bracket for the Crank Positioner Sensor, all these things is bolt on at your 900 Classic (B202). These parts are CNC made with highest quality and finish and it includes the screws you need for the mounting.

Price is 170 euros.
Shipping cost to Great Britain is ~25 euros. Can be shipped world wide.

Contact me with a PM for more info.
if this is still up and available, please pm me or email me.
i want these parts :)
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