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Complete Soft Top Operation keeps flashing on and off

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I have a 2008 convertable and just recently it has started flashing a message to 'Complete the soft top operation before driving' It seems to be worse when it is colder. In addition the ACC panel keeps flashing from Auto to Manual and back. This is also more frequent when it is cold.

I had one of the pistons replaced a few months back. Could it be that when it is cold that the fluid has contracted? I'm not sure how to check, or what I need to remove to be able to check.

I don't have a lot of confidence in the SAAB service at the dealer. I live in The Woodlands north of Houston Texas.

Thanks for any help

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proximity switches

Top uses proximity switches to determine position. Need tech2 to read which is not sending a closed signal. 04 models have a tech bullitian to update switch position.
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