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I have a Saab 9-3 Convertible since January 2009 with no problems at all. However, lately I’ve been experiencing the same mechanical/electrical problem for more than one year and my local Saab dealer hasn’t been able to fix it!
The first symptoms show up when the voice controls of the mobile located on the steering wheel stoop working (for instance when receiving an incoming mobile call, the green button won’t respond). After a while I get the SID message: "Complete soft top operation before driving" as if I l closed or opened the soft top while the car is still moving! ... After the SID message it’s impossible to open or close the top!! :cry: The Saab garage changed, the electric switchboard controlling the top with no result… They revised the oil pump also with no result…
The only way to momentarily "fix" this problem is to change the (broken) 40 mA fuse located in the fuse box in the trunk. The problem is that, at first this solution worked for a few months but lately a new fuse only lasts for a few days until it’s burnt again (see pictures attached). Which means that the electrical or mechanical problem which caused the fuse to burn is still unsolved…
Has someone experienced the same problem?
Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance



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