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Hello there Fellow SAABers ,

I have got a question regarding the compatibilty of an 1989 900 t16 us. 5spd trans. with an 1984 900t 8v us. engine. also whether the eingine and trans. out of an 85' 900 t16 us. would work out in the 89' 900 t16. I'm aware of the watercooled lines for the turbo bearing. I just havent done one in awhile 3yrs so any info about this would be very helpful with getting my WHOLE FLEET up and running again!!! Just been workin' on alot of overpriced "GERM's" these days!!:lol:

damn those AUDI's!! I gotta admit it I personally own 2 Quattros , an 83' Ur Quattro GT 2.3 5 cylinder 10v turbo and an 89' 200 Quattro 2.3 5 cylinder 20v turbo. But theres nothing like my 81' 900 8v Turbo!!! :D
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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