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Here's a list of common acronyms and abbreviations used in this forum. Not all are official Saab designations, but some enjoy popular use and therefore are included. If you have any additions or corrections please let me know.

List Updated
Feb. 12, 2008

2SN = 2-door sedan (aka 'notchback')

3 door = 2 door + hatch.
3CK = 3-door Combi-coup

4SN = 4-door sedan

5CK = 5-door Combi-coup

8V = Eight Valve
16V = Sixteen Valve

AAV = (8v) Auxilliary Air Valve
AC = Air Conditioning
ABS = Anti-Lock Brake System
Aero = what would be 'SPG' in the USA/Canada
AG = Autoglym ... great cleaning/polishing range for Classic 900s
AIC = Automatic Idle Control
AMM = Air Mass Meter
APC = Automatic Perfomance Control (see: Wiki)
ATDC = After Top Dead Center. Ignition timing measurement on flywheel, i.e. 3 degrees ATDC. (See BTDC)
ATF = Automatic Transmission Fluid

B = Saab-Scania B-type engine (1972-1980) based on the Triumph Slant 4 engine. See: See also: “H” in this list.

B20 – How the B-type version of the B201 is often referred to. It has one camshaft and one idler shaft that drives the distributor and oil pump. Elring uses 'B20' in their listings.
B201 = The engine in the 99/C900 8V. "B" is for benzine i.e. petrol / gasoline. A 2 liter gas engine with 1 camshaft (came in B type & H type variants)
B202 = The engine in the C900 16V. A Gasoline ("B" for benzine / petrol) powered 2 liter engine with 2 camsafts.
B204L = A gasoline (B = Benzine i.e. petrol) 2 liter engine with 2 camshafts, 2 balance shafts (2 + 2 = 4), and a Low Pressure Turbo.
B212 = A gasoline ("B" for benzine / petrol) powered 2.1 liter engine in the C900 16V NA with 2 camshafts (only in some markets)
B234 = The 2.3 engine from the SAAB 9000. A gasoline ("B" for benzine / petrol) powered 2.3 liter engine with 2 camshafts and 2 balance shafts (2 + 2 = 4) A popular performance increasing head which can be used on the 16V block.
BOV = Blow off valve
BPV = (Turbo) By Pass Valve
BTDC = Before Top Dead Center. Ignition timing measurement on flywheel, i.e. 14 degrees BTDC. (See ATDC)

CD = Corps Diplomat (see: )
CEL = Check Engine Light
CET = [by US owners] Commemorative Edition Turbo (see: &
CIS = Continuous Injection System (referring to the type of fuel injection)
CPS = Crank Position Sensor
CSI = Cold Start Injector
CTS = Coolant Temperature Sensor
CV = convertible
CV (joint) = Constant Velocity Joint

DIC = Direct Ignition Cassette
Dizzy = Distributor
DTC = Diagnostic Trouble Code

ECU = Electronic Control Unit
EGR = Exhaust Gas Recirculation system
ELCD = Evaporative Loss Control Device
EMS = Electronic Manual Special (a NA, 16v 900 released in some markets as 900EMS, and was also called 900S in the US / Canadian markets)
EP = EcoPower (see: )

EV1 - Experimental Vehicle 1 (see:
EZK = Ignition system used by NA cars. (stands for something in a different language, maybe German)

FMIC = Front Mount Intercooler
FPR = Fuel Pressure Regulator (See LPT)
FPT = Full Pressure Turbo

GL = Grand Luxe (trim package)
GLE = Grand Luxe Elegant/Extra (trim package)
GLS = Grand Luxe Super (trim package)
GM = General Motors (who bought a considerable chunk of SAAB in 1990 and made a complete takeover in 2000)

H = Saab H engine, redesign of B engine. Not really an “H” engine but an inline 4. Introduced in 1981 in the 900. See: See also “B” engine in this list.

IC = Intercooler (See SMIC and FMIC)

K-jet = Bosch's K-Jetronic CIS

LH = Bosch's LH (Luftmassenmesser Hitzdraht) (Using hotwire AMM) Injection
LPT = Low Pressure Turbo (See FPT)
LSD = Limited Slip Differential

Meg's = Meguiars ... another great cleaning/polishing range for Classic 900s
MY = Model year (like, MY2008 - model year 2008)

NA = Naturally Aspirated
NG900 = The 'New Generation' 900, otherwise known as the GM900, due to the complete re-design under the new GM production model. This car platform shared with Opel/Vauxhall) 1994 (except '94 900 convertible) through 1998.
Notch = Notchback (2 door with a trunk)
NTC = negative temperature coefficient

OS = Oxygen Sensor

PFS = Parts For Sale
PAS = Power Assisted Steering

S = Sport as in 900S
SAAB = Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget
SC = Saab Central
SE = In the U.S. and Canada not a badged designation, but understood to mean "special edition" such as the 1991 Monte Carlo, Commemorative Edition, and Spring Time In Sweden edition.
SE = In non
U.S. / Canada markets, a model with the SE badge but not necessarily special.
SID = saab infotainment display
SIS = [by US owners] Springtime in
Sweden (see:
SMIC = Side Mount Intercooler
SOC = Saab Owners Club

SPG = Special Perfomance Group
SRS = Supplemental Retraint System (Saab's Airbag)

T = Turbo
T5 = Trionic 5 System
T7 = Trionic 7 System
T8 = 8 Valve Turbo
T8S = T8 Special (see: & ... notice that the UK model is very different to the Swedish model, but both are referred to as the T8S
T16 = 16 Valve Turbo
TB = throttle body
TPS = Throttle Position Sensor

UKS = UKsaabs (UK web forum)

WI - water injection (wiki)
WUR = Warm-up Regulator

XS - Executive Special (see: )

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cdaly said:
PFS=Parts For Saabs our glorious forum owners...

Okay, I've added PFS to the offline list. I'll post it again when corrections / additions taper off.
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