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In September I purchased a '99 9-5 Wagon (78K miles) from a dealership. Due to issues discovered during test drives, I was able to get a new starter motor and a new Ignition Discharge Module. The issues were first that when I'd turn the key, there was a 1-2 second period where there was absolutely nothing - no "click", no cranking. So they diagnosed and replaced the starter motor (along with a battery cable). The 2nd issue was due to a CEL, and was determined to be the IDM.

My question - I'm noticing in the mornings as the temps have gotten colder that it takes a bit more cranking before starting. Other than with cooler temps (I'm thinking below 45F) combined with the car sitting it starts up immediately.
Is this a possible cause for concern? If not overly problematic, are there things that can help?

Thanks for listening to a 1st timer's question...
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