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For the past two winters my car has had this rattle on cold starts, only during the cold months--during spring and summer it's not there. I figured it was just the upper chain guide that's known to harden and make a rattle on startup so I had that replaced last week when my valve cover gasket was done. Looked at the old on and there were barely two grooves in it from the timing chain. They said there was no slack in the chain at all.

BUT, the noise is still there when the engine is cold. It has 166k mi on it but has been well maintained since I got it with 30k mi, so I find it hard to believe the chain needs to be replaced at this point. They did say the water pump had a leak which I plan to have them fix soon--though I had a new one put in 2 years ago...

Has anyone been through this before? Alternator and idler pulley were replaced. AC, power steering and pulley tensioner are all original--could it be any of those?
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