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Wow, has it been a while since Ive posted here:eek: (My 9000 died about 2 years ago)

Well my mom stole my car early this morning because her 01' 9-5 had a CEL. I pulled the codes with OBD II and came up with a P1334, ignition system or misfire. I imagine it's no biggy, so I've cleared the code and will wait to see if it pops up again.

I was just wondering if this is a common thing that I shouldn't worry about, or if this points to a larger problem?

I went ahead and cleaned out her MAF and throttle body cuz i figured they prolly never had been. Made a huge difference though. Her idle is much smoother and you dont get the vibrations you used to opon takeoff.

Also, I noticed her fuel injectors are pretty noisy while I was under the hood. is this common as well? FYI the car has just over 50k on the clock.

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