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Code 21 & Code 61

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He guys I am the guy who just finished installing the Saturn Motor in my 900 SE V6 and I am getting these codes coming up and the car seems to be running alittle rough out of first and second gear( ie lack of power, alittle hestitation) I was wandering if it is normal for a MAf code to appear with a O2 Sensor code could the MAF be causing the O2 sensor, and is it common for the MAF to go out at around 100K?, all help would be great!!

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My MAF went out at about 70k miles on my 9-3 4cyl turbo. The symptoms were hesitation and overboosting, and it just ran kinda crummy. It ran like this for months before ever throwing a bad MAF CEL. I have read that the silicone grease on some aftermarket filters can get stuck on the MAF sensor wires and foul them up. A lot of people say thats a load of crap though. Mine did not look any different, but replacing it was like night and Day.

That said. A V6 NA to me is like some sort of wildebeast or fish to me and I have no idea if performance will be much different than a turbo with a bad MAF.

Just sharing.
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