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Located in Fort Collins, Colorado.

First I have my daily driver 1995 9000 CSE. Asking $2300

190K miles
rebuilt head
REBUILT MANUAL TRANNY (cost me $1800 in labor alone)

More details in my CL ad HERE

Next my 9000 Aero parts car. Asking $900

Doesn't run, have no idea why. PLEASE don't ask, I never had the car when it ran...I never cared to fix it, bought it to convert my CSE to Aero (kit and interior specifically) which I never did do.

Auto tranny

Has nearly everything with it with the exception of the Aero wheels which didn't come with it when I got it either. I only used a few misc smaller parts here and there. Also comes with hitch and roof racks.

More details in CL ad HERE
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