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I'm happy to say that the car is all back together, but that's about it because it's still not running! :evil: Hopefully tomorrow I can cure what ails the poor thing. Here are a few tips for people who may be tempted to try any of this in the future:

Have someone turn the crankshaft a small amount while pushing in on the transmission to get the splines on the clutch plate and the transmission's input shaft to line up.

Use a small gear puller on the lower ball joints. New boots are fairly easy to get on, but they cost $25.00. Also, go easy on the grease if you do replace the boots. They may seem lightly packed when they're off of the car, but once everything's bolted down, they're really squished and mine seemed like they were about to explode!

Completely unbolt the suspension components on the subframe before trying to put it back on the car. Trying to wrestle the subframe into place with the suspension together is nearly impossible. You will also need a very thin 17mm wrench for the anti-roll bar nuts. One side needs to be held with the thin wrench while the 18mm nut is turned.

By far the hardest part of the hydraulic retrofit is routing the clutch line. Part of it is hard and bent in several places. It goes around the far side of the ABS controller (by the firewall) and underneath all of the power steering and coolant reserve tank lines. There are also two large silver pipes that it goes under. It took me over an hour to figure all of that out and get it routed around everything.

Bleeding the clutch by pressing and lifting the pedal doesn't work. Use a power bleeder, and be prepared to spend a while bleeding your brand new air-filled lines. Mine still isn't bled properly, and that's half of my problem.

Make sure that you can easily drop a 4mm hex key into the shifter's 4th gear alignment hole when you reconnect the shifter rod with the linkage. I didn't check it well enough and now everything's royally screwed up! This is task number two for tomorrow.

Even though this project has been a real pain in the butt, I've saved over $1000 in labor costs, and I'll never have to deal with that clutch cable ever again! :cheesy:
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