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Newbie to SAABs - thanks for letting me join. I have recently bought a 1980 99 4 Door 2.0, it’s my first SAAB having previously had a Triumph Dolomite. I am refreshing the engine before refitting (it had what I think is 120k miles on it). To avoid having to do it later I’m also changing the clutch pack, concentric slave and thrust release bearing.

My question is about the fit of the thrust release bearing onto the bearing carrier. On my Dolly, I needed a vice to squeeze the bearing onto the carrier. On my SAAB the new bearing just slots onto the new carrier. It doesn’t require any pressure to fit it at all, it doesn’t rattle, but I’m not sure whether the bearing itself or the inner race will spin when the clutch slave is engaged. Have I bought the wrong parts, is there a manufacturing error, or is this normal? The old bearing is tight on the old carrier.

See the pictures below. All advice appreciated
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