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I have a SAAB 900i Convertible 1993, Last of the classics.

I have a clutch problem and can't diagnose the cause.

It does not engage first unless I pump the clutch 10-20 times then its works fine for a little while, 10-20 mins, but only at the full depression of Pedal.

There is some minor fluid leakage under car but very little.

I have had the fluid flushed for a very slight improvement.

There is no clutch slippage.

I was thinking Master cylinder or Slave but my mechanic thinks the fingers on pressure plate are fatigued and that I need to replace clutch plate etc.

I love my Convertible and dont mind spending the money, but I would prefer not to have work done thats not required.

So my questions are.

Has anyone had a similar issue?

Should I replace Master and Slave first and then Clutch plate etc if that does not work?

My mechanic wants me to source parts so,

Any good suppliers you could recommend preferably in Australia.
OR Any reccomendations of good SAAB Nechanic in Brisbane

Lastly should I just go with OEM or is there aftermarket parts which could be better in terms quality etc.

ps before I bought the car the previous owner had a recon Master and Slave fitted a couple of years prior and the drove it very little.

Thanks Martin Ipswich Australia

Also I have a SAAB worksop manaul and and happy to email any sections anyone may require

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If you're not losing brake fluid, your problem is the master cylinder.
A new master cylinder sometimes soon causes failure of the slave cylinder.
If that happens, you'll then need to replace the slave cylinder (OEM only), which entails removing the clutch plate, disc and release bearing at the same time.

I have a lot of experience with these cars, but I've never heard of a 'fatigued' pressure plate causing any problems; ever.

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just my $.02 here.

when my car had a failure of this system (stuck crossing a median, didn't make it through... no traffic, thank goodness!) i went ahead and shotgunned as much as i could.

i bought a new brake master cylinder, new clutch master, new clutch hydraulic line, etc.

only thing i didn't replace was the slave, because i didn't have the clutch special tools.

in my case it was the line that started to swell and de-laminate causing a fluid loss. you could literally see it baloon as you depress the clutch!

tl;dr: if you don't know if the line has been replaced ever, it's cheaper to do it now, than to have to screw with it later. you're going to end up bleeding/flushing anyways, so screw it. do it.
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