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Clutch knocking???

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Hi, I have a 55 reg 9-5 and have noticed a knocking when I begin to release the clutch to pull off. If I am sat at traffic light, or when I first start the car up, I have the car in gear and my foot on the clutch - at this point there is no noise if my clutch is flat to the floor. However, as I lift the clutch to move off, there is a knocking...unless I rev my accelerator harder at the same time. There is no noise when in neutral, it is simply when lifting my clutch out and putting my foot on the accelerator normally to move off. The knocking happens whether the car is started from cold, or after it has warmed up.

I took the car to my local independent saab garage and they said I needed a new clutch and slave cylinder. Does this sound right? I wanted to check first as they want over £700 to repair it, and I've only had it 5 months so don't want to spend unneccessarily.

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My clutch makes a banging/knocking noise when I release it. Its more prevalent from first to second, a little less from second to third, and is pretty much nonexistant from 3rd on. The local indy claims the clutch needs to be done and suggests its a broken spring. It only bangs *once* btw, like there is a little slack in the system.
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