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Hey guys, I would love for my first post in this forum to be one of sharing knowledge, but unfortunately the process of doing a clutch change on my car has been a painful one.

I have a 2006 Saab 9-3 2.0T, 5 speed manual.

A friend and I got the car for cheap, decided to do a clutch swap together. On the way home from buying the car, the clutch fell to the floor and we heard some not so great noises come from the engine bay.

We had many problems throughout the process, one of them being that we ordered the wrong clutch kit. We got one for the 6 speed, came with the clutch, pressure plate, and slave cylinder. So, after figuring that out we ordered a new clutch, one that would be for the 5 speed car, but unfortunately completely glossed over the idea that the 5spd and 6spd could have different slave cylinders.

After ignoring this and much work of putting the car back together and bleeding the clutch, we have a couple of problems.

1) the car easily changes gears without the clutch depressed
2) the car is leaking huge amounts of clutch fluid through the gap between the transmission and engine
3) clutch fell to the floor next morning after bleeding

Should I buy a new slave and put it all together again, or is there something else I should check? Thank you!
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