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Hey guys-

Noticed on mornings when I started up -
Heard a clicking noise coming from the engine - front right side
and my "check engine "light on ..

After about 5 minutes the clicking noise goes away -
but the car idles rough now -

Did a oil change this morning and the clicking sound is present
Like - paper hitting the spokes of a spinning bike rim -

Cant tell if its a electrical short happening or timing chain

Thinking possible -
Timing Chain ?
Vacuum hose ?

Going to get the check engine light checked hopefully
that will point to something -

Anyone had this ??...

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Well, if you have a CEL get the code read.
Since you have a 2003 and the clicking noise goes away after 5 min. and is only present on a cold start...
all signs point to failure of SAI check valve and pump.

Knowing the code will nail it.
If you are handy, inspect the SAI check valve as outlined in the FAQ.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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