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I used to love my Saab because it was a fun car to drive. I now *have to* love it because I still own it, it's my only vehicle, but it's out of comission due to a problem that recently has escalated to code orange. Note: Not quite red, but gettin' there.

Here's the scoop:

1999 9-3 SE, vert, 221,XXX on the clock, recent oil change, premium fuel only (c'mon it's 30c more per gallon... invest!), and a non working top (which is not the issue).

For the past couple of weeks, I've noticed a bit of creaking, and clicking, and grinding coming from the front end, but continued to drive it because it stopped making the noise after driving a hundred yards or so. All was hunky dory, and blah blah blah - even took it on a trip to Seattle (from Portland, OR) (200mi) and it was fun - a bit wet, but nothing to speak of as far as problems with the car go.

I get in, ready to go to work, put on the sunglasses, with the top down, because you have to do that on the rare occasion the sun comes out in the pacific north west, and put it into drive. Right away, I'm hearing grinding, sounding like it's coming from the front wheel, but much louder, and stronger than I've noticed before. I could feel it in the steering wheel this time.

Makes no difference whether I turn left or right, and up until now (trying to figure out the problem all afternoon) it would make the noise going in forward only. Now, it starts to make the noise in reverse. I put the car up on jackstands, and looked at everything - on the outside, it appears to be clean. No torn boots, brake rotors + pads seem to be fine, no bad hoses, or loose parts of any kind. Putting the vehicle into neutral (while on the stand) and spinning it forward yields a noticeable clicking coming from the transmission, but it doesn't grind. The wheel spins freely too, no noticable differences when it clicks. NOTE: it's a pulsing sort of click, twice every wheel turn, one right after the other.

My father is convinced it's got something to do with the brakes, and I'm not.

Can anyone shed some light on a possibility or three as to what could be the problem?
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