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I don't seem to be able to edit my post below, apologies.

I have 3 verts, and they are for sale. 1 will be sold tonight. 2 remain.

At the weekend my 4 x 4 went up in smoke, so ideally I would like to swap my Classic Saab 900S auto in Monte Carlo yellow for a 2L 4 x 4 SWB (TD4 Freelander, Forester WHY).

Pictures here

The car has done 91K, is a HK RHD European import, and is in excellent condition. It has all the correct paperwork and DVLA registration documents and proof of mileage and is on K plate (1993).

It has had everything it has needed, and a FSH. The first 64K are in chinese and for those who know, Hong Kong MOT regs are very strict and the weather means they have little or no rust when imported.

I had all ball joints replaced in 2008? and gaitors too; last year all new discs and pads. Apart from service items, and a A/C belt, this is all it has needed. It will have a new battery when swapped.

Fitted with a Carrera? radio/CD but I have a 9000 (same as the 900 in 1992) separates system: radio cassette, CD player and amplifier ready to fit which I will include.

The roof was replaced on import and in my opinion let's the car down. However, it's a matter of opinion how much this matters as with the tonneau covers in place, she looks absolutely lovely.

Genuine Nardi wood wheel fitted, and wood glove box, ashtray and dash. Cloth interior with a small cig burn on the driver's seat. A/C not as cold as it should be.

There is 1 tiny finger nail of rust by the aerial. Apart from that, she has some discolouration in and around the engine bay etc, a few door edge chips where I have touched a wall, but that's it. The colour is great but a T cut or polish would have her turning even more heads.

All the usual suspects (bonnet edges, door bottoms, arches, tunnels) are A1. Some bumber scuffs.

Looking for a swap, and thinking 3K - 3.5K depending on what you have, and accepting this is a convenient option if we are both happy.

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