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For sale is SAAB 900 Aero Red Box APC - the most powerful factory produced original classic SAAB. The car is in fine working order: gearbox is strong, suspension very tight and very pleasant to drive, engine has been replaced to a 90 miles one, turbo in perfect working order. This car is a red box apc model (same power as carlsson's) and is very very fast when comparing to the LPT models and even many modern cars. Body work is brilliant for the year having minor spots on both doors (see photos). Underneeth of the car is tidy with minimal corrosion. There is some corrosion inside the engine bay and the boot, but minimal. Externally the car is very nice (except for the doors), in light grey metalic. The aero trims are in very good condition having only minor scratch on the rear bumper corner (see photo). The leather interior is in very good condition and only has a small hole on the driver's seat. Alloys are shiny with minor scratches, tyres still suitable for few more seasons. I haven't noticed any fluid leaks. Cruise control present, but not functional (maybe it can be fixed). Wheel arches are sound with no rust at all. Valnut dash.

Anyway, there are more photos of the car, which would probably tell more than thousand words:!105

I believe there are cheaper ones for sale like the standard LPT ones, but believe me, many of them do not compare to this SAAB and to get them to the same power and condition may cost you even more.

Feel free to contact me for more info: [email protected]

Car is located in Norfolk (NR20).
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