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I need a replacement Spindle Motor for my Clarion PU-2426A 6CD Changer. It is not available in the UK but is in US but no-one will dispatch to the UK.

I am asking, well pleading actually, is someone in the US willing to order this part on my behalf and dispatch it to me in the UK. Natually I will cover all costs and some.

I contacted Clarion direct and they won't help. Seems they would rather I spent £200 on a new CD Changer which just isn't going to happen.

Anyways, please, please PM me if you are willing to help. The link to the a US parts supplier is below showing a list of parts available for the PU-2426A CD Changer. I just need one Spindle Motor:

I Will pay by PayPal if is acceptable.

Thanks in advance

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