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To all of you who have had difficulty at some point with your radio or CD player, I thought I would post this in response to reading several other threads on the subject. I have a 900S that just recently had a problem starting with the CD changer. First, the CD started to intermitently stop responding at the Head unit CD button. Then, after pulling the plug at the changer and replacing, it worked for a while. Two weeks later after doing this procedure a few times, I went to repeat it and something blew, power to Antenna, Cd player, and radio went out.
I think in fixing this, i discovered a common problem with many of you out there having difficulties with the audio system. Here is what I found: I took off the black plastic cover to the CD changer feed(small eye glass flat screwdriver) and found that the ground(soldered connection between outer metal ring) had been damaged and disconnected. I repaired that connection with a wire splint and soldering iron and reconnected. Then I pulled the radio headset with a pair of radio removal tools(they are available at most automotive stores) and found the 10fuse on the back of the headset was blown. I replaced the fuse and the radio powered up with the code in screen. After the third try of entering the code, the radio, CD changer, and antenna powered up as normal and continues to work just fine.
There are probably many of you experiencing this due to the fact that the CD changer input cable soldered connections are exposed to vibration and perhaps small objects pressing against it in the trunk. I suspect when I last loaded the trunk for the shore(I packed it solid, one thing I really like about the hatchback-space), that activity caused the short and eventual breakage of the connection.
If you are having CD changer problems or losing power to these systems, check that connector before rushing to drastic conclusions. -wesstarla
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