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Clarion CD Changer

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HI all,

Have done a search here, but cant find info on this.

I have a 94 SAAB, and the 6 disk changer has stopped working (actually the boot got flooded, but thats a different story).

The changer is a clarion CDC9350 - and have searched through about 20 shops and wreckers here (in Hong Kong), and I cant track one down.


Can I use another Clarion changer (the ones that look similar are the DCZ625 and DC625), or am I stuffed?

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If the connector plug is the same,

then you should be able to use the new changer. The Clarion software protocol is quite flexible and can recognise units up to ten years old.

BUT, it is essential that the connections match. If they are different then the compatability will be risky.

13 pin DIN plug...
It should be compatable, - CLARION to CLARION. I would suggest NOT trying other brands that use the same plug. The wiring will most likely be different from brand to brand. The damage that could result would be severe.

Those units are actually manufactured by SONY but engineered to Clarion's requirements.
I've got a CD605,....the laser is getting weak and needs replacing. I had a spare KSS320A optical block that I bought for the head unit. Went to put it in the changer and discovered the changer uses a KSS314B..:x (Any optical block starting with 'KSSxxx is a SONY derived item.)

Rang my contact at SONY and was told,"NO, get it from Clarion!"

Rang Clarion......$300???????????:evil:

I'll just have to bump up the laser emission, ....again!

Keep Hammering
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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