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Clarion CD Changer

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HI all,

Have done a search here, but cant find info on this.

I have a 94 SAAB, and the 6 disk changer has stopped working (actually the boot got flooded, but thats a different story).

The changer is a clarion CDC9350 - and have searched through about 20 shops and wreckers here (in Hong Kong), and I cant track one down.


Can I use another Clarion changer (the ones that look similar are the DCZ625 and DC625), or am I stuffed?

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I have no idea but, what will probably make a difference is if the audio connector on the replacement changer matches that on your cabling or head-unit...
chrisjc said:
hit it with a hammer
the cd gets stuck every so often in when it goes from the player back into the cartridge.
With a mechanical problem like this, it's probably worthwhile opening it up and cleaning everything with isopropyl alcohol. Look for wear marks too. Is it only one out of the 6 {10} CDs that gets stuck or is in any/all? If only one, pay attention to the cartridge and maybe swap around the carriers. If any, pay attention to the transport...

Take your time, watch out for fiddly bits and get a magnifier to work under.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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