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He took my money and never shipped the parts. Plain and simple. He sold me rotors, bushings, and banjo bolts, for $120. I used paypal to send him the money. He tried to play it off over pms a couple of times and even posted to a thread stating he had shipped the items. The items never arrived and he stopped communicating entirely. I am in a claim with Paypal now to get my money back. Do not deal with this guy.

UPDATE - I am going to meet Chris on Friday for lunch to get the parts. He is in town for SCCA Runoffs. If all goes well and he is the stand up guy that he appears to be now, then I will completely revoke anything bad I said about dealing with him. It seems like there may have been just a miscommunication. I will report back after lunch on Friday.

Update - We met and he gave me the parts I paid for. A very nice stand up guy. I would do business with him again.

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