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When the clutch pedal on my new to me 1969 Sonett V4 is depressed in order to change gears there is a noise coming from the clutch area that is best described as a "chirping" as though metal is striking metal as though soething metal is intermittently hitting metal as clutch is rotating. It is not a grinding noise like a worn bearing would make. The car has seen very little use the past 15 years at least. I believe that a new clutch and pressure plate were installed as I have the used clutch parts in a box. The previous owner who might have had the work done has passed away and I have no records.
My first thought is that the problem is a bad throw out bearing but having read several posts here and elsewhere I am wondering if maybe the noise is from a mal adjusted slave cylinder free play setting or some internal problem and not the beraring. I checked the free play and it does appeara to have about 4MM of freeplay but I cannot move the shaft with a finger as suggested in the manual. Maybe my fingers are not strong enough? In any event the transmission shift without any gear grinding and the noise disappears when the pedal rises more than an inch or so. The clutch peadl free play before any resistance is felyt is probably at least 2". I assume that the clutch hydraulics are OK.
I really would like to be know what the problem likely is.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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