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Chicago area shop to do subframe brace install?

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Does anyone have a recommendation of a Chicago-area shop that can install a subframe brace? Or better yet one that has done an install for you that you trust. I realize its straightfoward, but I tend to be wary of mechanics I don't personally know... and I don't really know any in the Chicago area (I moved here a couple years ago and had my Subaru serviced at Autobarn.)

I live on the northside, but work out in La Grange, so anyone either in the city, a northwest 'burb out around here to Westmont/Downers would be ideal, though I am flexible.
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Is there any welding involved in this install? Other wise it looks pretty easy, like it could be DIY deal.
If the OP is willing to wait until warm weather hits I would be happy to help do this. I have a full garage, with all the tools you could ever need and I know how to use them. This looks like a really easy job. The only catch is I have my Mustang and my friends Dart in there now and I cannot move the Stang and the Dart is in winter storage.
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