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so i've got a 2003 9-3 which i bought in july. currently sitting at 183k miles.

shortly after i got it, the check engine light came on. i did a little "hmm" inspection and figured it was a vaccum leak. the check valve on the side of the engine had a cracked hose. and he would occasionally run rough.

took it to the local saab indy and they diagnosed it as a bad mass air meter :nono;

but since i wasn't familiar with the saab i had them replace it. of course, nothing changed. i took it back and told them to fix the check valve and not to "diagnose" it.

the valve was replaced, check engine light went out and he ran great (for a bit).

then light came back on and started running rough. and would occasionally go into LHM. another know-nothing insepection and reading here pointed to the vacuum hose behind the oil dipstick. it was cracked badly and pretty much disintegrated in my hands. replaced it with another hose from the auto store and again light went out and ran great (for a bit).

last weekend, the CEL came on and it began to run really bad. LHM was really bad - no matter how "fast" he went there was no power and turbo never kicked in. occasionally it would start to hunt for RPM and the engine would shake and shudder.

took it to the shop again and for $90 they pulled the codes and told me:
- P0300 (cylinder misfire)
- P0455 (Evap Large Leak Detected)
- P0507 (Idle RPM Higher than Expected)
- P1681 (Throttle Position Sensor)
- P2135 (TPS Sensor Voltage)

based on those codes, the technican informed me it needed a new ECU... yeah right.

i did an "ECU reset" on it (pulled the battery for a bit). light went out, ran great around the block.

got on the highway. was cruising along at 80 mph for about 10 miles. i gave it a little gas and there was a shudder and the bad LHM came back. no power, turbo was cut off, shudders at the stop light.

i'm thinking maybe TPS but don't want to go back to the shop and just tell them to replace that without knowing more.

what do you guys recommend / how do you check a TPS, or do you think it is something else? i swear i still hear a sucking noise and the check valve they replaced has oil on it. i had the oil changed and wonder if maybe the cap was cracked when it was put back on or might not be seated correctly. any other things you'd check?
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