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Sup everybody, my check engine light all of a sudden started blinking 5 times consecutively, then reapeating, it did this for about 2 min then just stayed on, then went back, anybody ever heard of this or know what it could be. :evil:

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Dunno if it helps, but I found this:
Fred said:
I have a 1990 car with Lh2.2, you can pull the codes yourself, the only problem with the 2.2 system is that it doesn't store the fault code. So if you have an intermittent fault they are hard to catch.
But I suspect your problem is not the fuel system. Your car probably has the EZK ignition system. If it has there's a black brick of Bosch electonics on the left hand front wing. This system uses the same check engine light to display fault codes. If the fault is with the fuel injection the light is on steady. For EZK faults it flashes:
3 flashes is EZK control unit fault
4 flashes is Knock sensor, it's wirng or the control unit.
5 flashes EZK can't see a signal from LH system.
There's info on this system in the Bentley manual, or see the townsend site

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts