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1996 Saab 900 SE Turbo. The guy that sold it to me had receipts from the Engine, Transmission, and Clutch being replaced about 20k ago. I can't say for sure whether or not they replaced the throw out bearing at the time they replaced the clutch although that would be pretty dumb if they didn't.

The clutch pedal has a constant "chatter" or vibration coming from it after it's engaged when you're driving. If you barely touch the pedal it will stop. It doesn't do it when the car is in neutral. The clutch operation is extremely smooth, everything is nice and tight... just an annoying chatter from the pedal.

It seems like once you get it in 5th gear and cruising speed on the freeway it stops. Or at least I don't notice it anymore.

I've heard of chattering after a clutch replacement and have heard people say it's nothing. But I'm not convinced. A mechanic friend of mine (not saab mechanic just a general oil and tire guy) drove it the other day and said he was sure it was the throw out bearing but he could be wrong.

My thoughts are that it's either:

1. Bad clutch cable (we all know how common this is on these cars)
2. Bad throw out bearing.
3. Needs an adjustment.

What do you guys think from these symptoms, knowing what you know about these cars?
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