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Just recieved BSR newsletter
and found this:

BSR offers a unique possibility to change the speed limiter! You can choose between four different levels: 140, 220, 240 and 270km/h.

This new function is free of charge when tuning your car with PPC. All our customers that already have bought a PPC (v2) also get access to the function.

Now available for these car models:
Saab 9-3 SS/SC 1.8t (150Hp)
Saab 9-3 SS/SC 2.0t (175Hp)
Saab 9-3 SS/SC 2.0T (210Hp)
Saab 9-3 SS/SC 2.8T (250Hp)

This might be the solution to many debates about limited or not.:lol:
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