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Central Locking doesnt work on one door

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my saab 9000 has a problem with the rear passanger side door. The central locking system closes all the door locks but this one. The boot/trunk and gasoline lid cover lock centraly as well. I have tried to take the rear door panel off and had a peek, but i dont know what i should be looking for. And putting them back in the right place has not worked so well. Anybody got some advice for me?
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You're going to have to take it apart again.

There's an actuating solenoid which if it doesn't work at all is likely to be due to a faulty connection or solenoid. If it's just slow or appears to be stiff then you're going to have to investigate the operating mechanism. Clean it and grease it.

thanks for your response, but i would like to find an exploded view of the inside door panel and the system that is used to keep the door panel fixed on the door, it keeps coming loose from the clips. Do i need to replace the clips?

Thanks for your help
I too am having a problem with my locks. Sometimes the automatic locks choose to lock and other times they don't. Any ideas?
I would get new clips if it keeps falling off. Typically, there's a mushroom head which engages with the door trim and then you push the whole thing onto the door such that the expanding bit engages in the door. Commonly what happens is that if you just pull at the trim, you tear the door panel. What you should do with trim is use a very flat blade type tool with a notch so that you get under the door trim clip and pop that off rather than the door trim itself.
9000Maptun, at a guess I'd say it's just sticky, remove trim and lubricate.

That may be. It happens to all four doors though? I'll probably just bring it into the shop:roll:
Is that from the remote or when you close it on say the drivers door? What about if you use the central lock switch on the console?

It wasn't clear that it was all of them at once which suggests that a contact isn't being made somewhere.

thanks alot djtaylor for the pdf files it will really help alot.

Never thought i would get such good info and so fast, thanks again.
DJ.... it is both the keyless remote and the door lock
Rastabasta, you're welcome. I find that between this forum and the other one at, there isn't much that isn't covered by someone! :)

Maptun9000, I'm not familiar with the details of the Saab central locking but I believe that on some other vehicles, the rest of the door solenoids are effectively slaved off the drivers door such that whenever you operate the drivers door lock, all the others follow suit.

So if the drivers one isn't making contact then the others will fail too. Given that you've said that it doesn't matter whether it's from the remote or the switch, that rules out the remote operation and hence you'd need to find out where the master operator is. I'm not much help here but I think i'd assume that the main loom is ok and concentrate on the bits that move which would be the door mechanism.

Apologies if this takes you up the garden path with no result. Hopefully someone else will have a better suggestion. ;)

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