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Been searching the site and I couldn't find anything except threads on replacing bulbs.

I have a 95 SAAB 900SE, Automatic, 5 door, ...uh its green.

My center console between the seats has no lights. This includes no lights for the gear identifier (PNRD321), for the winter snowflake button on the side of the shifter, for the window controls, etc. No lights on the center console work. In addition the cigarette lighter and the ashtray (I have not even found the bulbs for the ashtray) are not lighting either. All console lights above that work fine.

I have taken the center console apart and the lights that I have looked at do not look burned out. Because of this and because of the proximity of the lights, I am wondering if there might be an issue upstream somewhere to the current for these lights. Where might this be? Would it be a ground?? Rheostat??

Electrical is not my forte. Any help to point me in the right direction would be great! Thanks! Robert
it sounds like it could be just a fuse - provided there is one that just handles lights in the center console. It would make sense seeing as i do not have any lights in the center consol because i have a manual and all of the fuse boxes are the same. So i guess they would have had to make a fuse just for this.
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