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hey guys. i have a 2006 9-3 arc with 196k miles. I noticed a Check Engine Light today when i left the starbucks parking lot and i went straight to autozone to get it checked. It was P0300 (random misfire detected). What might be the cause of it?

Things that are worth mentioning that might be the cause of it?.

so recently, ive been noticing that my car shakes and idles a bit rough after startup (cold start or after it's been sitting a while) for a few seconds. Usually it would run smooth again after a few seconds. sometimes, id give it just a little bit of revs to get it running right.
other than that, the car runs great. great power and everything. Never stalls and never fails to start.

once in a while, at idle, the rpm's would go up and down slightly.

i had my throttle body cleaned when i changed my spark plugs 13000 miles ago.

After I got home, I let it sit for a few hours, i started the car back up again and the engine light is gone. WHAT?????
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