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CEL Came on..These are the codes

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bank 1 sensor recording high voltage

multiple misfire

slow response of bank 1

The only thing I have noticed is that car does seem a tad sluggish when the light came one. But could someone direct me as to what might be wrong?

02 sensor?
Failing DIC?

I hate CEL's:evil:

EDIT: After further searching I'm assuming its the 02 sensor. So in all honesty, what is the best 02 sensor to get? OEM? Aftermarket?
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P0132...Oxygen sensor Lean/short to ground

P0133...Diagnosis not yet performed during this trip

P0300...Misfiring more than one cylinder (related to other codes)

Front O2 sensor would be culprit. Looks more like a short to ground in the sensor harness., Any chance you cleaned your engine bay this weekend? WIS says if moiture gets into the wiring harness to the O2 sensor, it will throw this CEL. otherwise, O2 sensor is going.

Hope this doesn't keep you from Carlisle.
Didnt clean the engine bay,

Remember when I had that oil issue with the valve cover and oil was getting into the intake system? Well these are the same codes that I recieved from that CEL. So my guess is that the oil clogged up and coated the o2 sensor? Logical?

As for being a short, all I can think if is that I added the Air/Fuel gauge a while ago. Could I have pulled something loose? I think the prior possibility of the o2 sensor being coated might be right, or its just on its way out.

If it keeps me from Carlisle, its because my car blew up on the way there :eek::cheesy:.
Interesting...I guess the connection to the a/f gauge could be a place to start. I don't know how oil would touch that area, but worth a look. Hope you make it. Should be a fun time.
Instead of making a new thread I will add to the previouse one. Since the sodes listed above I have done the following in order.

Replaced Stock DP with Abbott Racing 2.5" SS Catless DP
Replaced Front o2 sensor with one from

The check engine light was still on which I assumed was because of the catless DP but I went to check the CEL anyway, these are the codes

CKT Range/Perf

Not sure what that is from or what would trigger it

o2 Sensor
Circuit High Volts
(Bank 1 Sensor 1)

Umm ok I just replaced this to the tune of $150

Catalyst Efficiency
Below Threshold
(Bank 1)

That one is obvious.
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Anyone have any idea why the 1st code is there and what it means and why the 2nd one is back/never went away even after replaceing the front o2 sensor?
Did you get a full replacement or splice the harness?

The info I have says if O2 sensor replacement doesn't fix it, first you have to test to see if it's the 02 sensor to ECM wiring. If it's not, culprit is ECM. The info I have is in pdf and I can't copy it from here, but I should be able to tomorrow at work.
Uh, that was for 132 by the way. For 106, the causes are listed as:MAP sensor circuit open or shorted, map sensor malfunction, ECM malfunction. Hmmmm, where do these 2 codes intersect?
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