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Hello again guys!

alright i was driving down the road yesterday rocking on to my cd with the windows down (of course, 93 degrees with no AC is tuf:confused: ) and all the sudden the cd just stops, but still displays "Track 3," so im thinking the cd is scratched or something so i just flip to radio, doesnt work, still displays "Track 3" then im like hhhmmm...ok, im at a stop light ill turn the car off and back on, then nothing displays, trying turning radio on, cd on, nothing, just displays time, temp, etc.

so im thinking its the spark plug of course so i go home, open it up, and both plugs to "radio" and "radio/amplifier" look fine, but i run to auto zone and get out of the car and the keyless entry doesnt work, so im like, oh great, so i put the plugs in and turn the car back on, and the radio turns on, and keyless entry works again, but the volume control on the control panel doesnt work but the steering wheel one does, so im like ok at least it works, then on the way home it goes out again.

any ideas of whats going on?
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