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CD Changer Spindle Motor failure

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I'm calling for the help of any US Saab-central members. I need a new Spindle Motor for the 6 CD Changer fitted to my 9-3 Convertible Aero. The Changer is a Clarion PU-2426A and the Spindle Motor part number is SMA-196-100.

It isn't available in the UK and US stockists won't dispatch to me in the UK. Clarion won't help either, seem they would rather I spent £200 on a new unit.

Basically, I'm asking anyone in the US if they can order the part for delivery to them and then dispatch it to me. Natually I will cover all cost plus extra for a few beers.

Please PM me is you can help me with this.

Below is a link to a supplier's list of parts available for the PU-2426A changer. I just need a Spindle Motor.

Please, please, can someone help


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I am shocked to see that the CD changer is actually made in Japan! Very rare to find electronics made in Japan nowadays. Most of these low cost OEM products are made in China or Malaysia. Regardless, Japanese or not, these changers are $hit.
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