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1999 9-3 SE convertable: This past weekend I replaced the antenna mast. While I had the interior cover out I checked the CD Changer connection. Here is my question:

It looks to be the std rectangular connector. six on top, six on bottom. Top/Bottom rows offset in reference to each other due to an extra hole on the top right. Currently there are metal contacts in the following (left to right):
Top 2,3,5,6 bottom 7,8,11,12

I have the complete saab service history on the vehicle and here is a tech entry as follows in the pre-delivery inspection:
Installed CD changer, CD Changer in-op.
Cause: Missing wiring at A-Pillar
Correction: R & R sill trim/carpet, fabricated 4-pin connector instead of exisiting 6-pin connector and re-wired and heat shrinked new connections and tested-operating to saab specs.

Is the pin configuration I reference above normal (ie switched back) or do I have a modified cable?

BTW the dealer who did this, has not been helpful other than offer to look at it and render a decision for the 86.00 min "vehicle analysis fee".
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