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Hi Guys, Drive a 93SS automatic with BSR stage 1.

I am thinking of the parts for saab/BSR catback exhaust or maybe a custom 2.5inch.
BUT Notice that the additional so called "printed' stage 2 gain is a negligible 3 bhp.:eek:. I run the standard twin pipe chrome muffler and wondering whetehr it is too restrictive for 200bhp.

1)Can anyone who has done up either the backbox or done a catback give a Field report in the performance aspect.
VERY importantly: Did u lose very much low end torque and was the gain in the mid to high end So so much better that it negated the loss of thenlow?

My local exhaust guy did warn me that that an auto car shld not be too free flowing than a manual previously and im wondering whether it will apply to turbo auto cars as well.

2) Im running a ITG filter now and also wondering whtehr the Optiflow or any other cone/ram air is just noise or is there any performance gain.
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