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CAT for 1997 SAAB 900S

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Hello, I have 1997 SAAB 900S, 2.3L 4 cyl. I must change the catalytic converter and the 2 sensors. I live in CA and there are special I am in trouble and I need your help. The cat must be with OBDII emission performance. The original costs $2000 and I am looking for cheaper solution. I take any advice and info. Thank you.
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Have a muffler shop cut the down pipe and weld in a replacement aftermarket catalytic converter and a sensor bung to allow the rear O2 sensor to screw in. A cat and sensor bung will be about $75 for both from, Jegs, or another reputable shop. Installation would take maybe a couple of hours, no more....O2 sensors you can order yourself from They're about $150 each and take about 5 minutes each to install...

Why do you need both sensors and a new cat? It's rare for all three components to fail simultaneously. Are you getting a check engine light?
First off, don't go to a car dealer for anything. Ever. Not even a car. Let someone else have the depreciation of a new car then buy it when it's two years old.

Second, find a reputable independent Saab mechanic in your area. Ask around this board, on and if anyone knows a reputable independent mechanic.

Third, look online at those places I mentioned before to get an estimate of the prices, then figure on labor costing $65-85 per hour.

There's no way that this will cost you $2,000.

This is maybe $500 to 700 tops...
hmmmm....don't know about that headlight problem, except to say that you might want to check that the bulb contact points are properly seated in the sleeve that holds it
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