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CAT for 1997 SAAB 900S

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Hello, I have 1997 SAAB 900S, 2.3L 4 cyl. I must change the catalytic converter and the 2 sensors. I live in CA and there are special I am in trouble and I need your help. The cat must be with OBDII emission performance. The original costs $2000 and I am looking for cheaper solution. I take any advice and info. Thank you.
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mike saunders said:
Have a muffler shop cut the down pipe and weld in a replacement aftermarket catalytic converter and a sensor bung to allow the rear O2 sensor to screw in. A cat and sensor bung will be about $75 for both from, Jegs, or another reputable shop. Installation would take maybe a couple of hours, no more....O2 sensors you can order yourself from They're about $150 each and take about 5 minutes each to install...

Why do you need both sensors and a new cat? It's rare for all three components to fail simultaneously. Are you getting a check engine light?
Thank uyou for that info...I bought the car a month ago thru e-bay from N.Y. The guy scamed me. The car cannot pass the Californian SMOG test, because of the cat and lazy sensors. I must replace them and the dealers are asking for astronomic prices. Actually I am a female and I am starting learning about that car now...and I have "check engine" on.
earthworm said:
Rather than blindly replacing everything, find out why the catalytic converter failed in the first place(if ,in fact, it did)..

Same with the oxygen sensors - how does this shop know they are "bad" ??
How many miles on your car ?
Have the MAF, IAC, vacuum lines,etc, been serviced ?
I would get a second opinion..
Thank you for your respond. Californian SMOG test faled twice...and their computer says...rear oxygen sensor is not switching, front sensor is lazy, rattling is comming from tha cat and must be replaced. By the way I bought that car from N.Y. 20 days ago was delivered and since then I am on the phones and web sites...The rear muffler is totaly rusted...I am a female and in huge trouble...I need help.
I have writen down the sites you gave me, and I will check them out. You have knowledge and info and I will take your advise.

I have another problem too...The driverside low bim is there, but the high bim is missing. I changed the bulb, but the problem is still there. Obviously there is something else, what it can be? Thank you.
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