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Some old lady hit my car whilst stationary== in a car park damaging the door and wing. Does anyone know the Glasses guide value (uK) for a 105K 900s 1995M reg? . Will they use the retail or trade price when deciding to write the car off.

According to Honestjohn who provides excellent advice on these matters"
All you have to do is have the car repaired and sue the old lady

directly for the full cost of the repair. That is your right in law,

as long as you are bing reasonable. Her insurer will be forced to


I have motor legel protection-- so the cost of a solicitor should be covered-- my insurance company apprears hesitant to let me go this way == they arent saying I can even do this.

I dont want to write off my car I want it repaired (well unless they are prepared to give me alot of dosh) does anyone have similar experiences/advice

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