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Carbon Fiber Parts, Testing the Waters...

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Anyone interested in making it worth my time for Carbon Fiber parts? I can pretty much make anything you want if it's worth it, I no longer have a shop but if it's worth it I just might find the time and space.

Let me know what your wish list is and I will see if I can manage to fit it into my college and work schedule.

Also give me an idea of what you're willing to pay, please be reasonable, your parts will be molded and vacume bagged, rental space, supplies and most important "time" does not come cheap.
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yes, make a 'viggen type' spoiler and the bridge it sits on. We've all been waiting for one, and are not willing to pay the almost $400 (w/shipping) it costs for the GS Spoiler. If the GS were carbon fiber, I would understand the price more. ALL of us have been waiting for our spoiler savior. People keep promising stuff, but no one ever sees anything. So if you're serious, and want to make a **** ton of money, then by all means - go for it.
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