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Car stalls when engaging gears

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Hello guys, 2001 9-3 auto turbo.... stalled out and died slowing down to stop for a light. Starts back up and runs great. As soon as I shift to drive gear or reverse it will stall out. Other than that it runs perfectly. Has about 110k.
I have had it no start a few random times. Maybe after rains? Def after driving and then shutting it off like at the gas pump. But usually letting it sit for a while it will start. Or playing with shifter back and forth. I think that's the sensor that tells its in park??

But the stalling out in gear I can't seem to figure. IAC? I don't have a ton of money to throw at it and I know this is an older thread but anyone solve this issue before?

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Check by-pass valve.
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New thread started,Pls DON'T bump old threads,it serves NO useful purpose..
So it dies whenever its shifted out of park or nuetral? No iac valve on t7.
Do you have any check transmission lights?

If it’s not gear selector/neutral safety switch related I wonder if it’s related to the lock up function of the torque converter for direct drive of the trans. This is governed by the SL solenoid and is only supposed to happen in third and fourth gear.

WIS says it’s possible it can occur in 2nd gear but only under extreme adaptive conditions. So if your trans is going to lock up due to a failed SL solenoid in 1st it’d be like stalling out in a standard transmission line you are describing.
Thats what came to mind when i read it. A failing torque converter will kill the engine when trans is in gear at a stop.
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