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Cant find headlight part for 97 900s

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Does anyone have any suggestions on this. Someone, backed into me and took out my headlight (******* didn't leave a note). I put in a new headlight assembly but didn't notice that the actual socket that the headlight plugs into was cracked into bits. So I went online and could not find the part anywhere. I went to both my local saab dealers and both said that they dont have the part and that saab doesnt stock it anymore. This obviously causes a problem for me. Does anyone knkow where I can get this. Or does anyone know of a nationwide salvage yard that might have saab parts. ]

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I had a post on here about my car being rear ended and totaled and I was parting out but the mods deleted it because it was advertising.Anyway I have a 1997 9002 2.3. email me and I can get you more info. or check my ad in the classified section of this site. Thanks
What you are looking for is an actual part of the harness assembly itself...

The dealers could, if they cared, sell this seperately...
And it will take an expert, IMO, to remove the old one and refit the replacement.

The connector in our '97 is also in sad shape.

This is, however a very common part, I believe one from a '60 Saab would fit (and have better quality)...

Not that I recall seeing this in the "HELP" section of PepBoys, but you never know..
Why would it take an expert? It's just a matter of slipping in the three wires on the harness and plugging in a new bulb, right????
By the way Psymon your account does not accept emails and the link in the classified section does not work so I pm'ed you.
Grover said:
Why would it take an expert? It's just a matter of slipping in the three wires on the harness and plugging in a new bulb, right????
I meant the installation of a new connector end on the three wire harness. I'd say this part is fairly easy, but it is a bit tricky to remove a good one from an existing harness without breaking anything..
The people on the C900 forum know of this - sometimes the little tang on the wire spade connector does not hold and the connection then slips out of place when a relay is plugged in...
Ah I see what you mean. Well I guess I am going to have to do a little reaearch on this. Half of the original socket is in my car with two wires still attached so I guess I'm going to have to practice on those first.
One of my local auto parts stores, Schuck's, carries all of those headlight connectors. They have bare wires out the back of them so they could be spliced in easily. I'm thinking that if the dealer knew where to look, he'd find the connector, too. There are several pages of electrical connectors in the parts manual. I've bought the fog light connectors from a dealer, so I can't imagine the headlight connectors aren't in there.
It is amazing how much quicker the dealer can find a $198 part as compared to $1.98 !

Old cars and wrecks were a parts source at ColdSpring Saab (Long Island) and others.
Back then, the service was better and cheaper, now $$$$ has taken over..
Is it just the plastic that disintegrated? Mine did but I was still able to mate all the wires to the bulb. As for junkyards, try Or, as someone said earlier, find someone on eBay who's parting a car and ask them to sell you that part.
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