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Hello everyone

Well my wife has a 03' VECTOR and i am having such a hard time finding parts for her car :(

The brakes need to be done ASAP as the fronts only have 1-mm left on the pads and the rear has 2-mm left on the pad.

I know that the VECTOR has bigger brakes than the other models but can anyone tell me the size difference in rotors for the front and rear?

Can anyone please help out and show me where to get some brake parts for her car.

I checked at the dealer for parts and its very expensive

Rotors-$244.00 (Pair)

Rotors-$276.00 (Pair)

GRAND TOTAL............$760.00 not even including tax!!!!

I honestly want to upgrade the front & rear rotors to some nice aftermarket
slotted or slotted/dimpled rotors but CANT FIND ANY SITES, PRICES, INFO on where to get a set for front & rear?

Also want to upgrade the pads cause the OEM pads just lay out way too much brake dust

So basically i want to upgrade the brakes and pads all around with some nice aftermarkets wich should be cheaper than the dealer items.
Just assuming but hopefully they are cheaper in price and hopefully get a nice brake set up!

Any help will be greatly appreaciated!!! ;)

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check at they have a grooved discs kit that seems interesting. Recently I purchased a kit of Motorsport front brake discs and pads from abbott racing, I hope to fit it as soon as possible.

check the Continental Teves/ATE website this is the official supplier of the brake system for the 9-3ss and 9-5 and you can find info about the brakes and also another products.

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