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Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
About a month and a half ago I severely overheaded my 1999 93 Turbo on a major highway here in Northeastern Massachusetts U.S.A.
With only 150,000 miles registered on the odomoter I decided to replace the head gasket because all symptoms of a bad head gasket were present.. i.e. Steam comming out of the exhaust, water in the oil, etc. I do remember it was pretty hard to start after almost melting the engine.
To give an example of starting I had to keep it cranking and cranking while it was sputtering to a start... just keeping the starter spinning the engine to a chugging type of start.
Finally, it was time to take it apart. I marked everything very well for reassembly for reference on the cam lobes and timming chain sprockets. I marked the engine piston positions on the balance wheel also... just to be safe.
I checked the head with a straight edge in all directions.. and to my surprise it was fine... at least it seemed fine...:roll: I used a .005 shim under the blade of the straight edge and it was dead flat.

I got the head gasket and (10) new head bolts and put it all back together. I torqued in sequence and to spec's and instructions all the major bolts involving the head and sprockets for the timing chain. I put on a new intake gasket. After all was said and done, I cranked it over and it was hard starting but I finally got it going. I had to let it run for a while to get it to stay at idle. I drove it around for about a mile and it ran smoothly.


I got some help from previous posts after I found the two marks on the cam were not "EXACTLY" in sync with the marks on the block head.
I wondered which one I should move... I decided to move the cam closest to the radiator. I moved it back toward the firewall one tooth on the sprocket.
I still had a hard time starting it but this time when it started it sounded like all hell was breaking loose. I quickly shut it off thinking the pistons were hitting the valves.
I took a break for a few days.
This time I brought cylinders 1 and 4 to TDC and move both cams to the markings on the block head. There are conflicts with Haynes and other users of this forum not to do the markings as described in the Haynes manual.
I have been cranking and cranking and cranking on it ... NO GO !!!!!!;oops:
Finally I said a few choice words and closed the hood. But I am still willing to give it another try... It was running after the head gasket replacement but I can not get it going now for anything. Just a little pop out of the tail pipe once in a while. I sprayed starting fluid .... nothing. I was going to do a compression check to see if my valves a toasted but I do not now if that will give me a clue as to what is going on.
Well.... that is it.... Could one on you "Pro's" help me out with this nightmare ?
Any information will be appreciated.
Thank you.
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