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Is there any chance replacing an axle can put the car out of alignment?

To replace the passenger side front axle on my 1994 900S, taking off the sway bar bolt and the rear control arm bolt (I wasn't able to break the front control arm bolt - the one just behind the ball joint). I used a hammer on the back side of the ball joint to break it loose. It also took a good amount of leverage to get the control arm bolt back in - with some lifting of the forward control arm with a jack to get it level.

I didn't replace the the sway bar linkage yet, but my understanding is that it shouldn't matter/isn't necessary.

The car was aligned before the switch and now the steering wheel is very slightly cocked to the right, and the car pulls a bit.

The axle was from Rockauto and seemed like the length matched and otherwise fit well.

anyone know if anything i did could have messed with the alignment?
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