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Hi guys,
I recently completed a head gasket change on my 9-3 Aero only to find on start up that the car was running very rough and stalling below 1000rpm, above this it was perfect and as smooth as ever the engine management light was also lit. Thinking it was a defective sensor somewhere i called in to a newly opened independant Saab garage in Glasgow to have the fault codes cleared hoping that this would fix the problem. The fault code said No2 cylinder misfire which would lead you to thinking it was a plug or the DI cassette. After explaining to one of their mechanics the work that i had done he asked if the cam timing was ok because the Saab alignment marks (camshaft to bearing block) ,the ones that Haynes recommend using, were not too accurate.

On further inspection and using the yellow painted links on the cam chain i discovered that the inlet cam was out by one tooth once reassembled the car is now running as sweet as ever.So if you do this repair always line up the exhaust cam sprocket mark in the centre of the single yellow link the inlet cam sprocket mark between the two yellow links.

Maybe everone knows to do this but if you are using the Haynes manual (as informative as it is) line up the cams as described above not by using the marks on the camshaft and the bearing block as described in the manual.

I cannot recommend Schoneville Saab (Glasgow) highly enough for the info and for fitting me in at short notice.

Hope this helps,
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